A Football Manager Career – The Nagelsmann Affect

Like every Football Manager veteran, I too enjoy a new challenge. So, Football Manager 2018 has seen me start my save games unemployed more often than not. After all, managing Manchester United or Carlisle United has somewhat lost its edge.

It took me a few months before I was able to find a job. St.Pats Athletic rejected my application along with Boston United and Sunderland. Sunderland’s decision wasn’t surprising but I felt qualified for St.Pats Athletic at the very least! Starting the game unemployed wouldn’t be as much fun with full qualifications and maximum starting attributes. So, I started off with a National C Licence and semi-professional status with regards to my previous level of experience. Not a million miles away from the truth.

As it happens, with MLS loaded in my database and their season being a summer one, I was lucky to be given the opportunity to take over D.C United. I had two games left to get a feel of the squad without the pressure of results. D.C United were a club rooted to the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

D.C United are a club with a history of success, it just isn’t a recent record of success. After being founded in 1996 the club has won four Eastern Conference titles, four MLS Supporters’ Shield titles and four MLS Cup titles. Their last trophy, however, was in 2007 and now they find themselves at the foot of the table with some guy called David Nagelsmann taking over. Someone who’d never managed in MLS prior to the appointment.

Here’s my story as a first time manager in the MLS with D.C United as I embark upon a journeyman career. Probably the only type of game format I ever take on Football Manager these days.

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