The Nagelsmann Affect – D.C United

“D.C United appoint Nagelsmann as manager”

Press Officer Jenny Obama enters the room.

“Good afternoon everyone. D.C United would like to announce the appointment of David Nagelsmann as manager after the sacking of Ben Olsen last week. Mr Nagelsmann has signed a one year contract with the option to extend for a second year. So, without further delay, please welcome our new manager to the room”

A round of applause electrifies the room as Nagelsmann takes his seat in front of Washington’s best journalists.

Nagelsmann: “Thanks everyone. I’m very pleased to be here and hope to be here for some time to come.”

Fox News: “Mr Nagelsmann, you’ve just been appointed in your very first job as a manager. How does that feel?”

Nagelsmann: “It feels great and I’m looking forward to embarking upon a very successful career, here, at D.C United.”

CNN: “D.C United are rooted to the bottom of the Eastern Conference and the Supporters’ Shield table. Why take on, what appears to be the biggest repair job in MLS history?”

Nagelsmann: “I can’t think of a better way to start your managerial career. I’ve got a particular philosophy in mind that I believe is the key to success at any club and I plan on implementing that throughout the playing staff at all levels. It’s a massive project but with good youth recruitment and development I believe that we can be successful. Next season I plan on reaching the playoffs and anything after that should be considered a bonus.”

ABC News:¬†“How much do you know about Major League Soccer?”

Nagelsmann: “Not a lot to be honest. I understand a few of the rules regarding the number of international players allowed in my squad and the salary cap. As the season moves along I’m sure I’ll gain more knowledge. Although, I have to say, I am looking forward to being involved in Draft Day. As a big NFL fan I love the glitz and glamour and all the hype that comes with it. Admittedly less so in MLS but ok, I will still enjoy it.

Obama: “Ok thanks everyone for your questions. It’s time for us to wrap things up now as we still have two games left this season and a lot of preparation to do.”

Only time will tell if Nagelsmann’s appointment will prove to be successful both on and off the pitch. Managers who don’t grow up with this kind of system tend to struggle with adapting to the rules and regulations but if Nagelsmann is as committed to D.C United as he appears to be, then we may very well see a dynasty.

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