D.C United – Nagelmann’s Diary

28th September 2017

Day One at D.C United

Press conference went well…but it hasn’t really sank in just how big a job this really is. Bottom of the Eastern Conference and by some distance, while sitting bottom of the Supporters’ Shield isn’t a good omen either. I’ve met the players and they seem like a good bunch of lads, some egos in there but I’ll sort them out soon enough.

New stadium looks nice and I believe it’s a good move for the club as the previous stadium was too big and lacked atmosphere. A smaller 20,000 all seater stadium is perfect for this club and the fans. Pitch is great and should suit my possession based style game, although it’s great for attacking football too.

Can’t wait to get out onto the training pitch with the lads and get our last couple of games of the season done and out of the way. The off-season is quite long but that suits me as it gives me ample opportunity to look at ways of strengthening the squad while sticking to salary cap restrictions. Each year the salary cap appears to be increasing slightly but from what I hear that doesn’t make much of a difference as minimum player salaries increase alongside that.

Still can’t decide whether or not I’ve made the right decision…time will tell…shouldn’t doubt myself!






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