Blue is the Colour…Football is the Game!

That’s right, you may have guessed it by the title…and perhaps the thumbnail…but I was offered the vacant position at one of London’s biggest clubs, Chelsea. My brother supports Chelsea and I somewhat dislike them but in the interest of my journeyman save I needed to take the opportunity to win trophies when I could. My work at D.C United had obviously been seen by many, but Roman Abramovich took notice, liked what he saw and offered me the job. He isn’t a man who rarely fails to get who he wants when he wants them at Chelsea either, so, I’m glad I had the balls to say no…

From Audi Field to Stamford Bridge. London is my home now.

These are my manager stats as I take over at Chelsea. Not the best stats, not the worst either but definitely not stats that would make you think “this guy has what it takes to be Chelsea manager”. Below are their financials. Failing FFP in terms of wage rise regulations but I’ll get that sorted easily enough by selling players and making sure my wage bill is brought down considerably. Chelsea are actually a club in transition and thus a number of first team players will be the first ones I’ll be showing the door to.

So here is a list of the ins and outs during my first season in charge of Chelsea. A lot of players have come in and a lot of gone out.

You will notice that I sold Giroud, Courtois and Rudiger. Giroud was never going to fit into my system that well and given his age I needed to move him on quickly. Real Madrid came in for Courtois and with the player wanting to leave I was more than happy to allow him to do so. Knowing that he wanted to leave prior to a bid being made helped as I was able to sign (whom I consider to be the best young goalkeeper in the world) GiGi Donnarumma from Milan. McKee and Cassio were also two players whom I really liked the look of and they suited my style of play too. Both are regens with massive potential and if I manage to stay at the club long enough I hope I will get to see the best from all of the young players I have brought and plan to bring to the club.

Due to my contractual agreements, I wasn’t allowed to fire any current members of staff. Time to try and win some trophies then, I guess!

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