Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

So, everyone knows Chelsea as the kind of club that does really well at youth level but loans that kind of talent out to other clubs. The pathway to the first team is either non-existent or extremely convoluted. Everyone also knows that a manager’s shelf life at Chelsea is shorter than fresh milk that’s been left out in the sun. I must be crazy to think that I could change what is essentially a deeply dysfunctional culture at Chelsea BUT I had to give it a go and try to win some trophies along the way.

Now, we started off brightly and sprightly and all things delight…fully. That sounded better in my head but OK, I was happy with my start at Chelsea Football Club. We didn’t have the strongest squad in the Premier League and Man Utd on FM are always very difficult to dethrone under Mourinho. In terms of formation though, I played 4-2-3-1 as I do like to have two central midfielders in there to help protect the back four, while allowing my wingers and attacking midfielder licence to do as they please. Unfortunately we didn’t really have an out and out attacking midfielder so I used Hazard in that role quite often and kind of rotated players around in that position. I was reluctant to play two up top because I had too many (or too little) strikers who were too similar to each other. Tammy Abraham was my main go to striker in the beginning while I waited for others to develop (Morata was wildly inconsistent) but once I signed Gabriel Jesus I was able to rotate forward line positions quite often when my opposition or game situations demanded it.

Around the half-way mark in the season and we are there or thereabouts. Not top of the league and my players aren’t setting it alight with individual performances but we are a team and as a team we are getting the job done thus far. Not too many complaints there, although our performances in the cup competitions aren’t worth talking about.

This has been the biggest result of the season and arguably my best team performance of this save so far. I expected a tight affair between the two clubs but to beat Man Utd 6-1 in the manner that we did was just incredible. We got off the mark early thanks to Brazilian international Arthur and that set us on our way. Morata and Pedro effectively killed the game off in the first half as we looked like a team of ninja assassins. If you look at the statistics things look pretty even, although we created more chances we were just very very clinical when those chances presented themselves. Something that I’ve struggled to do at times with my particular philosophy.

With three games left to go in the season we have the title in our own hands…and our only hope of silverware this season. With Morata and Willian performing well for m, anything could happen and with Sunderland at Stamford Bridge on the final day of the season, I think pretty much anyone would be confident in clinching the title in front of their own fans.

cue mysterious type music

More on that next time!

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