Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Brasilia We Go!

Being stuck in the unemployment queue is never a pleasant experience. Even in a fictional universe. However, it wasn’t long before I was plying my managerial trade once again but this time, not anywhere near Europe…for a while. I took the leap all the way to Brasilia as I took on World Cup winning expectations with Brazil and a massive pay rise to boot.

So without knowing it, I’ve been in Brazil a day and acquired a huge sun tan. I hope I can keep it and never go back to being all Irish/German and all pasty white again. Now lets get down to business.

Brazil have a fantastic squad and they were well on their way to qualifying for the World Cup already. So I can’t take credit for that, although I did maintain their unbeaten record in the qualifying group. Not only that but we won the Superclasico after beating Argentina 2-0, which, so happened to be my first game in charge. Neymar and Jesus would continue to be vital to the success of this team during my tenure and beyond that.

One thing I normally do during an international management stint is keep an eye on other job openings. I don’t like to just manage a nation by itself. Managing a club is very important for me, otherwise I’ll just get bored. So I took over at Hertha Berlin after they sacked Frank Schmidt in December. My target? Avoid relegation at all costs and keep the club in the Bundesliga.

Avoiding relegation will be hard given how poor their squad is and I haven’t had the best of starts. After taking over on the 18th of December we lost to Bayern Munich 4-3 in the Third Round of the DFB-Pokal before enjoying a mid-season break. The benefit of such a break? My players needed to get used to my change of formation and tactics.The mid-season break allows me to work on that. Not that it made much difference! Four MASSIVE defeats in the space of seven games with a 7-1 thrashing by Bayern Munich, 5-2 smashing by Stuttgart, a smaller 3-0 defeat to Leverkusen and a 4-0 slip up to Dortmund brought morale to its lowest point. I was seriously doubting my ability as a manager to turn things around.

There’s not much more to report on Brazil wise as I continue to put all of my efforts into keeping Hertha Berlin in the Bundesliga. The World Cup is looming though and I am keeping an eye on those who might make my squad.

Can I do the unthinkable and keep one team in their division and win the World Cup with the other?

Time will tell.


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