World Cup Time Baby!

The World Cup was being held in China and we went there with expectations of returning home victorious. I think precarious is the best word to describe our group stage performances. We beat Congo 2-0 but lost to the USA which put us in a very difficult position. A win against Italy and the USA v Congo result wouldn’t really matter BUT we don’t like to make life easy for ourselves. We drew 0-0 with Italy and needed to rely on Congo doing us a favour by stealing a point or taking all three. If not, we were on the verge of going out…early.

Thankfully the drama dissipated the moment I discovered that the USA failed to beat Congo and thus, we managed to qualify for the knockout stages. Our opponents would be Belgium and they would prove to be as useful as a chocolate tea pot as we comfortably beat them 1-0. You can have comfortable 1-0 wins right?

After Belgium we were given the delightful task of beating France in the quarter finals. We did that…just about but only on penalties. I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous in a penalty shootout since Manchester United played Chelsea in the final of the Champions League in Moscow all those years ago. This time, however, I didn’t promise to become a religious man if the Chelsea penalty taker slipped…

Another solid performance defensively but offensively we were lacking something. Even Neymar couldn’t get us ticking along in front of goal. The tight, nervy affairs were to continue though as we just about edged past England 1-0 to book a place in the final against Spain.

Virtually injury free but Neymar was a huge doubt after picking up a knock against England. I chose not play him and gave other players the opportunity to win my first international competition in FM18.

In rather stupid fashion I forgot to take a screenshot at the end of the game. Such was my delight at the result I did jump around my room and run around the apartment in my boxers for a few minutes after winning the World Cup 2-1 thanks to Rafinha, Malcolm and a bit of luck with Spain’s Asensio missing a penalty.

So there you go. I’ve not won a league title yet but I’ve managed to win a number of cup competitions along the way, most notably the World Cup. Ok, so winning the World Cup with Brazil is like winning Ligue 1 with Paris St.Germain but you can only beat what’s put out in front of you.

So what next? I resigned from Brazil…


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