Becky Bennett

Singing Along


Being able to work in a profession that you love is one thing, but having the ability to work in more than one is something of a gift. Becky Bennett is one of those few people within society who possess a set of skills that enable her to work in a variety of different fields. From singing at an early age in the back garden to getting in front of a camera with luxurious fashion items, Becky can combine and perform different dance art forms ballet, street and hip hop. Not only that, but she possesses a flair for writing about computer games too. With such variation in skill, there comes a time when you need to focus on one and put the work in to become successful. However, Becky did manage to juggle everything together for quite some time. Now she recognises the need to focus on fewer prospects rather than everything.

“My main focus at the moment would be the writing, I would love to get into more TV and acting but you have to be realistic and see where your strongest points are.”

Keeping a level head and a good attitude  is one of Becky’s many qualities as a person. Many who have a small taste of fame tend to let it go to their head, their whole mentality changes, but Becky remains grounded despite her success in previous years. Confident in herself and drop dead gorgeous to boot, Becky has seen her reputation grow within the fashion industry. Not only has she appeared in Playboy UK and the Daily Star for wonder-bra, but there are several television roles and other modelling jobs that she can boast about on her CV. Working with Playboy UK was one of Becky’s most enjoyable experiences thus far in the modelling industry but her work for Xbox Ramble at the moment is quickly becoming a close contender!

“Playboy UK and also my new writing job with where I write reviews, news pieces and pod-casts!”

Despite being successful in whatever Becky has chosen to do in her adult life, her teenage years, like many others, would grant her experiences that would shape her personality and life overall as it is today. Becky Bennett was born in Liverpool and moved to London with her family when she was a little bit older. The teenage years are said to be the best times of our lives, but for some people it is part of the most difficult time in their lives. Moving to a new city and a new school is one of those terrifying experiences that many of us go through, but for Becky that fear didn’t leave. Unfortunately, Becky had to endure some serious levels of bullying in her school. The transition from all boy to a mixed school should not be used as an excuse by any of the teachers or headmaster for poor implementation of bullying legislation. Bullying is usually done by people who feel threatened or jealous of something that another person has. Whether that be wealth, personal qualities or looks, it can vary from case to case. In Becky’s case she didn’t ruffle any feathers, and yet was targeted in a brutal fashion.

“I wasn’t outspoken or very confident, it started with little things they would pick on that gradually escalated which resulted in me having to study from home”

There was very little her parents could do as the school’s response remained timid and ineffective. So they were forced to take action by removing Becky from school. The bullying had become unbearable and so Becky only visited school during the examination period. It was the only time her parents would allow her to attend. Outside of school, Becky was a very happy young woman and always speaks positively of her parents and her home life.


“My home life was always happy. I’m lucky I have my mum who is like my best friend, she made up for anything I was lacking  and always took me shopping and kept me busy to keep my mind off of my school life”

Keeping herself busy outside of school meant that Becky was able to develop her talent for singing. Singing is a passion of Becky’s and something she loves doing wherever she goes. Singing makes people happy and people sing when they are happy, and Becky’s memory of singing in the back garden as a kid was one that brought a smile to my face, and obviously hers.

“My first memory of singing was sitting in the garden in a little play tent my mum and dad had got me, I was only four and I had a little portable radio and I was listening to Michael Jackson (and eating an X-O cube lol no idea why I was doing that) from then on I’ve not stopped singing haha!”

Singing from an early age always brings cuteness with it and Becky has continued to develop her singing despite being very busy with other projects. However, it wasn’t easy for Becky in the beginning because the bullying she experienced in school meant that she would become very anxious and have panic attacks. She has had to overcome her panic attacks in order to continue with something that she is so passionate about. After learning to manage her panic attacks she enrolled at a vocal tech, which is a top music school in London where she studied singing, song writing and stage techniques. In stark contrast to her school days, Becky had no problem making friends and was comforted by the feeling of acceptance for who she was. When Becky finished her studies she looked further into becoming a model. Whilst her singing has always been her main passion and ambition, she liked the idea of becoming someone else behind the camera.

“My main ambition has always been singing but I’ve always lacked the confidence to properly push for that career. Modelling is great once you have your make up done and hair and you’re behind the camera you’re someone else, you’re not the shy girl any more and it looks like you ooze with confidence”

Sometimes, when you want to do something that you love as a career, there are sacrifices that must be made. Being a model isn’t the easiest of professions and has been known to be a rather ‘cut throat’ business at times. Becky’s determination and attitude has proved to be a valuable asset to her and her professional career.

“It can be tough, you have to watch what you eat all the time, keep fit, workout, look after your hair, nails, skin teeth, honestly it’s a never ending list of what you have to do if you want to be successful in the industry. I never went into it blindly. I’ve always known what is required of someone who wants to be a model. Attitude, be professional and polite, never be a diva, you’re not a worldwide sensation and even then I don’t think anyone has the right to be rude to people who are giving you a chance.” 

A lesson that perhaps, many of our young professionals in sport can learn from. Becky managed to overcome some turbulent times throughout her school life and turned it into something positive. The person she has become is one that many people love, adore and speak very highly of. Perhaps, a lesson to everyone, in that, no matter how difficult things can be, you can use the difficult times as a stepping stone to easier and happier times. It may not be particularly easy or feel achievable at the time, but Becky Bennett’s story so far can be inspiring to many people who don’t believe in themselves and who are having a difficult time in their school lives. Becky has now found the confidence to push or a career in music and she is recording cover songs with regularity now as a member of ACE Recordings.


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