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Possibly Adopted

Bobby Mair is a Canadian comedian who started off in Toronto and now lives in London in the UK. He started stand up in 2005 when he was 19 while doing medical studies to help pay the bills. In 2009 Bobby was nominated for the Best Newcomer at the Canadian Comedy Awards. After some early success it wasn’t too long before Bobby started reaping small rewards. In 2010 he finished second in “Stand Up and Bite Me” and won $10,000. It was then that he decided to move to the UK. Since his move to the UK, Bobby has performed his own half an hour special on “Comedy Now”, performed at the “Just for Laughs Festival” and “Best of the Fest Gala.” In addition to these performances Bobby has also performed on Russell Howard’s “Good News” and Sean Walsh’s “Late Night Comedy Spectacular”.

So why did you decide to join the open mic scene?
Before comedy I was in high school.  I had wanted to be a comedian since I first found out what one was. Sadly, that was through seeing a documentary on Whoopi Goldberg. But for that I’ll always be indebted to Whoopi.
Was being a comedian something you always wanted to do?
Yes. When I was 14 I actually wrote an act I never performed which I’ve eliminated all traces of.
When you were growing up, did you have any role models in or out of the comedic circle that you now find yourself in?
Not really, no. Although, Doug Stanhope was my favourite comedian and I was lucky enough to open for him a few times in Canada then in the U.K. He is definitely one of my heroes.
How do you create your jokes? Is there anything that inspires you to write in the way you do? Do you just free-style on stage?

I have no idea how really. Thoughts just come to me and if people laugh I keep saying them. What inspires me is having to follow other comics who are way better than me and bombing. I’ll always write a good joke after that. My act is usually 80% jokes and 20% whatever happens on the night.

So, what’s with the beard? Did you decide to experiment with the hobo look to see how women react in bars? Or was it solely to go with the image of your theme?

Ha, I don’t think I really have an image of my theme. I grew a beard cuz I was sick of looking like a sickly child and now I look like a sickly man-child.

Did you wash and comb it a lot?
Sometimes and never.
I recently saw some new videos of you without the beard. How does it feel to live without it? Does your face get cold?
I really just keep it now to spite my girlfriend who hates it. She would love me to not have it. I am always cold.
You let fans pay whatever they want for “Obviously Adopted”, have you now surpassed the amount of money that a kid from a Nike Factory in China would earn? What was the real reason behind it?
Yah I’ve probably made more than a child labourer would in a year, which isn’t much. I don’t think I have enough of a fan base to worry about illegal downloading. The reason behind it was because Louis CK charges 5 dollars, so I’d feel like a dick asking as much as he does. Low self esteem drove my pricing structure.
What made you move to England?
I love Ireland, but it’s similar to Canada, the size of the comedy scene. London seemed to be where a lot of comedy was happening and where a lot of my friends had moved to from Canada. Also, a visa to the U.K. cost me 300 dollars and took a week. That was really the deciding factor.

Do you have any tours planned for the future? What’s the next step for you and your career?

I have hopes enough people find out who I am that a tour would be feasible. Fingers crossed on that one. The next step is a gig in Northampton next Friday. Everything else is a surprise to me.

After talking about his career a little bit we decided to do something a little bit different. So, I chucked some random questions at Bobby Mair to see what he’d say.

If you were given the choice of any name in the world to change your name too, what would it be and why?

I do have that choice. I’ll stick with Bobby Mair because there’s enough strange things about me already.

You’re given the choice to become a super hero or a super villain, which one would you choose and why?

Super villains always die when they think they’re about to win. I’ll go with anti-hero.

What name would you choose and why?
NeverGoingToDie Man
You are allowed to choose one super power, what would it be and why?
Not dying.
Who would be your arch nemesis?
You’ve grown up in New York, roaming the streets and rapping. You want to start your career but you are told that you must give yourself a name and your debut album a name too. What would your rapper name be and what would your debut album be called?
Robby Magic – name and album title.
You’re stuck in a Tom Hanks/Castaway experience on a desert island. There is one other survivor, who would you like them to be?
Hopefully a straight woman. Preferably my girlfriend just in case she reads this interview.
Some of the cargo washes up on shore but you find that there is only one thing that is not broken. What would you like to wash up on shore? Why?
Probably a knife. Hard to survive without a knife.
If you were an animal what would you be?
A turtle because they live to be 200 years old sometimes. 
You’ve been told that your time on this earth is up, but you are part of a special task force to explore new planets. You find a new planet and are given the task of naming it. What would you name the new planet? What would you call its first country and capitol?
Bobby Mair, Bobby Mair, Bobby Mair. I’m a narcissist.
You are told that there is nothing the doctors can do for you, but your dying wish is that you are made into a fantastic food for the world to enjoy. What food would you be and why?
Jesus Christ, I don’t know. Remind me to never invite you to a party and plan any games.


A big thank you to Booby Mair for the chat and here’s hoping he starts touring because lets face it, this guy is funny shit! I guess I will be invited to his next party?


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