British Jihadists Could Return

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(Picture courtesy of the Mirror.)

William Hague shocked many across the United Kingdom with comments suggesting that the British Jihadists who flew to Syria to fight alongside ISIS would be welcomed back to the UK providing they come back with good intentions.

It has been estimated that over 500 British nationals have travelled to Iraq and Syria to aid ISIS in their quest to establish an Islamic state and force the West to completely withdraw from the Middle East. Despite over 200 related arrests the British government has been unable to stem the flow of wannabe ‘Jihadists’ who are giving up everything for a corrupt ideology based upon a distorted perception of a religious text. After spending some time fighting for ISIS there are a number of them who now realise the truth. Not being aware of the barbaric and uncompromising tactics for converting their victims is being cited as one of the possible reasons for their change of heart.

ISIS have waged more terror on a region bereft of hope and peace as the reign of terror looks set to continue. Foreign nationals have been beheaded in order to send their message reverberating throughout the western world. In addition to the beheading of foreign nationals, locals have been terrorised as ISIS forces people to convert to their form of Islam. Men, women and children are all being killed in a barbaric manner while women who remain true to the cause are sold off like property for as little as $40.

Recently, William Hague, Leader of the House of Commons, while talking about the issue of British Jihadists fighting for ISIS had this to say;

“The Home Office and the police and the health service are also working together on what we can do to assist those people who come back with good intentions, but of course we have to be sure that they do have good intentions.”

It is a statement that presents an opportunity for British nationals who went abroad to fight for ISIS but who have since discovered that they made the wrong decision. However, it also presents the opportunity for ISIS to place active cells directly in the United Kingdom under the impression that they are there to change. This presents risk for both sides. Those who return are unlikely to be allowed to return without the threat of further violence and those who do return on ISIS’ bidding pose a threat to the people of the United Kingdom.

Whether or not the idea of rehabilitation for former Jihadists will work remains to be seen. What is evident is the intent of the British government to try a different approach to a terrorism problem that hasn’t diminished since Allied forces put boots on the ground in Afghanistan in 2001.

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