Colin Murray

Thinking outside the box


Colin Murray is a three time Sony Gold award winning radio broadcaster, television presenter and writer from the United Kingdom. A proud Northern Irishman who was born and bred in “our wee country” has done very well for himself. Colin has worked hard to be where he is but does so without fuss. All he wants to do is go to work, enjoy his work and go home. They say that you can take the man out of the country but you can never take the country out of the man. Initially starting out as a trainee for the News letter, Colin also had a small stint in Canada as a trainee for the Toronto Sun before moving back home to work for the Sunday People. He received a Journalist Of The Year award for the work he did for the Sunday People before moving onto the Irish Daily Mirror as a music columnist. Colin Murray has also appeared on various television shows too. Many of you would recognise “Match of the Day Two” on the BBC as well as the “BDO World Darts Championship”. When Colin is on television he brings his Northern Irish sense of humour to the show and in my opinion brightens up shows that I would otherwise find a bit boring and tedious. What Colin is probably most renowned for is his work on radio in which he received a Sony Gold award for Music Broadcaster of the Year after grabbing the coveted 10pm to midnight slot on BBC Radio 1. His third Sony Gold award came as a result of a radio documentary called “The Trouble with Drugs”. In addition to radio documentaries Colin has spent a number of years anchoring Sunday’s live sports events throughout a range of sports including football, rugby and cricket or BBC Radio 5 Live. In 2010 Colin became a published author with his book A Random History of Football for Orion Publishing.

Luckily for me, I was given the opportunity to sit down with Colin and have a bit of a random chat. I hope you enjoy it!

If you were given the choice of any name in the world to change your name too, what would it be and why?

I’m not a fan of Colin so I’d welcome the change. There are very few names I’d like less, but in an ideal world I’d go for one of Bart Simpson’s names he gives when he prank calls Moe in the Simpsons, so maybe Mike Rotch or Hugh Jass. If I’m going to change my name then I’m not going to miss the chance for a cheap gag!

You’re a movie director, what type of film would you want to direct? What would the name of the movie be? And who would be your main character?

I like to write so I’d much prefer to write a script and see it made into a film by someone like Darren Aronofsky. However, in this fantasy world, I’d probably want to direct something simple. One of my favourite films is the original 12 Angry Men and that’s almost all shot in one room. I tend to prefer that type of film, based on dialogue rather than big explosions. So, I’d go with something like that. It would have some art house title and would star an unknown name who would go on to be a superstar! Actually, in complete contradiction to that, I’d actually like to direct a Bond movie, whatever the next one is and I’d keep Daniel Craig!

Steven Spielberg approaches you about making a film about you. Who would you like to play the character of “Colin Murray”? Would you give him conditions that he must meet before he can make the movie? What would they be?

How hard up would Spielberg need to be for this conversation to ever happen? I’d give him total control of the film, on one condition that he doesn’t include the time I missed two penalties at half time in front of the Kop at Anfield. And I’d like the part of myself played by someone who really needs the work!

You’re given the choice to become a super hero or a super villain, which one would you choose and why?

There’s something very cool about being an arch villain but I’ve never been cool and I prefer being more of a nerd so I’d go hero over villain. I mean, why would you want to hurt people when you can help them? No brainer!

What name would you choose and why?

I have no bloody idea! In fact, does a super hero name himself? I don’t think most of them do. It’s mostly the newspapers isn’t it? I’d leave it up to them and hope they didn’t balls it up.

You are allowed to choose one super power, what would it be and why?

I think I’d go for invisibility. Think about it. You could eavesdrop on anything. Rather than defeat people through strength, you could save millions through just listening and passing the information onto Superman or Batman who would then bring the smackdown. And you could trip people up.

Who would be your arch nemesis?

I’d like it to be a man with three nipples, like Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun. And he has to have a strange sidekick and a glamorous girlfriend who I would steal from him. However, we’d never kill each other, but I’d always win despite the odds being stacked against me. And at the end of every saga he’d vow to get me next time.

You’ve grown up in New York, roaming the streets and rapping. You want to start your career but you are told that you must give yourself a name and your debut album a name too. What would your rapper name be and what would your debut album be called?

That’s easy. MC CM. The debut album would be called Mint Condition, as in Murray Mints, and I’d mainly rap about my ability to track down half priced sandwiches and my addiction to Countdown. How can it fail?

During a trip to the Super Bowl your plane crashes on a desert island. You and one other person are the only survivors from the crash. Who would you like that person to be?

I’m tempted to give the obvious answer and say a family member or my partner but as this is a fantasy question I’ll go for Will Smith or Emelia Clarke. They offer up different but equally enjoyable experiences on my desert island.

Some of the cargo washes up on shore but you find that there is only one thing that is not broken. What would you like to wash up on shore? Why?

I’d be confident that Will and I would escape the island so I’d go for a nice bottle of rum, whereas Emelia and I might be there a little longer, so I’d go for a case.

If you had to choose a career in sport, what sport would you choose? Why? Position?

That’s the $64,000 dollar question and my answer changes with the weather. In a fantasy world, I’d pick striker for Northern Ireland, scoring the winning goal in the World Cup final, but back on planet earth, if it was to fit into a real team but I could have the ability, I think I would either want to be a pitcher for a winning Toronto Blue Jays, pitching a perfect game at Yankee Stadium, or win Olympic gold in the Decathlon, as I have so much respect for multi-discipline athletes. Daley Thompson and Dame Mary Peters are heroes of mine, so to follow in their footsteps would be mind-blowing.

You are a footballer and you are playing against your parent club. Dismayed at being on loan you have a decision to make. It’s the last kick of the game and you have to take a penalty. Do you score or do you deliberately miss? Why?

You score, because you are getting paid to do a job. It’s the fashion these days that when a player scores against their old club they don’t celebrate it. I get it in some circumstances, like when Denis Law scored that goal against Manchester United, but in most cases it’s an insult to your current club. I wouldn’t go nuts like Adebayor, but you better believe I’d celebrate, straight to my current fans.

If you had to be a woman, who would you be and why?

I’d love that, as long as I could switch back after a while! If I could change myself into any other human form I’d just want to enjoy the novelty more than anything. And on a small note, I don’t mind going clothes shopping and stuff like that, so I’d actively enjoy that side of being a woman. But who would I want to be? I’m not sure. I’m not sure I’d go for anyone famous, as you would not be able to fully enjoy your short time as a member of the opposite sex. So, I’d go for someone with a few quid to spare, so I could enjoy myself!

Blond or brunette?

I’m a brunette, thank you very much.

Tattooed or non-tattooed?

Tattooed. Not even a doubt.

If you were an animal what would you be?

I’d be part cheetah, part sloth… I’m either at 100 miles per hour or passed out on my sofa.

Pepsi or Coca Cola?

None if I can help it but I’m partial to the latter, especially if there’s rum in it.

If you were given the choice of being automatically fluent in any other language, what would it be and why?

French! It’s a beautiful language and one that I’ve tried to learn in recent years, only to discover I’m completely useless at it! I’m not a big believer in the whole ‘school days are the best of your life’ cliché but I wish I would have listened when I was advised to learn a language when I was young, because as a thirty something its much more difficult!

You’ve been told that your time on this earth is up, but you are part of a special task force to explore new planets. You find a new planet and are given the task of naming it. What would you name the new planet? What would you call its first country and capitol?

I‘d call the planet ‘One’ and I would bring in ‘universal law number 1’ that bans the naming of countries or the drawing up of any borders or restrictions.

You are told that there is nothing the doctors can do for you, but your dying wish is that you are made into a fantastic food for the world to enjoy. What food would you be and why?

Ha ha! What a disgusting question! What would you liked to be cooked as? I’d go for a massive pot of ground beef Chilli, and I’d make everyone eat it during the Super Bowl. Wow, that’s sick.

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