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Doing it My Way


The music industry is at times one of the most ruthless industries out there, but that doesn’t stop millions of hopefuls up and down the United Kingdom and across the world want to be involved in some capacity. Fame, fortune, A-List celebrity parties, what’s not to like? For a young man growing up in Atlanta it wasn’t just about the money or fame, it was about the music. Daron Jones grew up in a single parent family with his mother and sisters and was a very happy child and enjoyed his upbringing. His love for music was discovered at his grandmother’s house and this was where he taught himself how to play the piano. By the time Daron Jones reached Third Grade he had developed the ability to play songs by ear and would share this gift often with his classmates. It was his mother, Pamela Jones, who encouraged Daron to persevere with his music and develop his gift further. So much so, that she enrolled him in the Sue Hampton’s Love Divine School of music after his tenth birthday. It was thought that he could learn to read the music that he was playing but Daron never did learn to read music during his teenage years. At the age of 15 Daron continued his musical development by playing the piano at his local church, the Israel Baptist Church in East Atlanta. His influences, both local and national, as a child have undoubtedly had a profound effect on Daron from through his musical development and helped him mould his own unique style.

“Growing up I was inspired by a lot of Gospel artists including: Men of Standard and Take Six, also R&B acts like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Boyz to Men and Jodeci. I like solo artists that had range, that could sing high and I like groups that had intricate harmony.”

As school came and went for Daron it was not long before his talent was discovered. Daron Jones always had a humble kind of confidence. Confident in his ability as a singer and a songwriter, Daron always had the feeling that he was on the right road to success. Testament to Daron’s talent, not only as a singer songwriter but as a producer too, can be seen through an impressive array of collaborations. He has worked with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Usher, R Kelly, Biggie Smalls, Pink, Keyshia Cole, the Isley Brother and New Edition. Despite success early on in his career, Daron knows that without hard work none of that would have come true and he realised from a very early age that in order to utilise his talent effectively and successfully, he would have to put the work in.

“I always knew that I had the talent to make it in the music business. I knew that if I worked hard and persevered I would make it. There was never a doubt in my mind.” 

With that in mind, it wasn’t too long before Daron got his big break which lead to future successes. P.Diddy’s record label Bad Boy Records signed up a boy band called 112 and Daron was part of that group. It was his big chance to show a larger audience what he could do. Throughout his childhood he had been writing and producing his own material and he was keen to put himself out there. The success that 112 had in America was arguably down to Daron Jones’ constant involvement, not only throughout the production process but the song writing process too. As a result 112 went on to win a Grammy and sell over 4 million records worldwide with hits such as their debut single Only You (featuring Biggie and Mase (1996)), Cupid, What if, You Already Know and Peaches and Cream. What Daron achieved with 112 is something he is incredibly proud of but also recognizes the talent and influence the other group members had. Daron never takes full credit for what 112 achieved, it was a team effort.

“It was an amazing experience to be a part of 112. I think overall they are some of the most talented guys I have come in contact with. That was my entry way into the music business. Initially I didn’t imagine myself being a part of a group. I just always liked singing and sharing music with people in general. It is an incredible feeling, I have been able to write and sing music that has changed people’s lives in a positive way.”  

Many would say that 112 was just a stepping stone for all within the band, but for Daron it was the catalyst to further achievements. A changing music industry helped to suit Daron’s ambitions as a singer, songwriter and a producer. His work with Jamie Foxx, Pink, Usher etc was something that Daron was deeply honoured to do and it helped him develop an already impressive set of skills. Daron never envisaged being part of a group his entire musical career and his passion for singing and writing from his own personal experiences, songs that were true to him, meant that going solo was the right thing to do. However, Daron has found that the transition from boy band member to solo artist is not as easy as you may think.

“Honestly, going solo has not been an easy process, when you are used to doing the same thing for so many years, it’s hard to make the transition, it’s hard to let it go. I actually went back to the group a few times, trying to make it work, but I just had to be true to myself and walk away.”

Since turning solo, Daron has released a number of albums already. In 2010 he released his debut album Uncensored which was soon to be followed by Christmas in Atlanta. His third album was originally to be released in February/March 2012 but due to Daron’s meticulous nature he has been working very hard to make sure his third album reaches the high standards he sets himself. Not only have we seen 2 very good albums from Daron but there has been thousands upon thousands of fans flock to his Ustream page as Daron sings live and talks to them every month. This year alone he has 12,445 followers on Twitter, followers that he follows back and engages in conversation with. His Twitter and Ustream accounts are very important to Daron.

I came from an era where social media was non-existent. The only way we could keep in touch with fans was at a show, backstage passes or an in store signing. “

Inspired by his fans, Daron also draws from his own experiences. Happy memories but also reflection on mistakes he has made in his past and mistakes that other people can relate to making themselves. His new album Reinvention is due to be available to fans old and new in the summer of 2012. If you cannot wait for the new album you can always download the free music Daron Jones makes available to his fans and the mix tapes on his website. Please do show your support to artists like Daron Jones and buy their work!


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