Descending Chaos

With Descending Chaos Comes Clarity

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I strongly advise you to click play on the Spotify mini-player above, enjoy the eargasm and then continue reading as you slowly calm down and collect yourself. Sweden appears to be THE country to turn to for metal fans as Descending Chaos continues the country’s tradition of hard hitting metal music. The band formed in 2012 thanks to Peter and Sebastian’s vision of taking their music to a heavier and more serious level whilst bringing something fresh and new. Descending Chaos are a non-political band but produce lyrics that would have you challenge the very fabric of social society and have you thinking fervently. The band started recording in October 2013 with Rogue Music and Nacksving Studios with Martin Brändström and Isak Edh. In February 2014 the band had finished recording and were ready to release their debut album on the 3rd of March. The album is called “Haunted Souls” which reflects the somewhat dark but rather heartfelt lyrics you will listen to throughout. When I first heard the album I was immediately hit in the face by Roy’s powerful vocals. Simply because it wasn’t something I was expecting. I don’t normally listen to many bands with this style of vocals but I just couldn’t hit that stop button. Early on I was captivated by the band’s sound. It is a sound that I haven’t heard in a long time in metal and one I can’t quite find the words to describe.

The more and more I listened to the album the more I started to like it. It’s heavy with some softer touches added to it through intricate guitar play and not through a girly, whiny voice you’d expect to hear from a teenager. I could hear touches of a Metallica-esk nature with some In Flames influences thrown in for good measure too. A hard hitting mix that will have you moshing in your own bedroom, down the stairs and out into your street. Put the heaviness of their sound to one side for a minute though and take a good look at the lyrics (which can be found on ReverbNation via the link at the bottom). Each song hold the potential for you to interpret in whatever way is personal to you. Yes, of course there are going to be some songs which are dark and bring the feeling of helplessness and sadness but with each of those negative feelings comes hope, strength and optimism. My favourite songs on the album have to be “Soulless”, “The One Within”, “So Far Away” and “Breathe”. They are the songs that I believe will bring out a lot of emotions in a lot of fans as they listen to them and interpret in their own way. My own personal meanings for them however, will stay with me. In the meantime, I did get the opportunity to speak with the band…so enjoy the transcript below.


Was it easy to come up with the band name? Who came up with the name? Why “Descending Chaos”?

It was a name that fit our view of the world, and among the ideas we had it was the one that stood out the most. It was Peter’s suggestion that we modified a bit (Descending Into Chaos). We like to think that we somehow are the calm spot amidst the current turmoil of the world.

At the moment you don’t have a record label and you are a DIY band, what is that like? What extra challenges did that bring when producing your debut album?

The hardest part is that you’ve got to pay for everything yourselves. You’ve got the studio costs, costs for record production, shipping, fuel to get to gigs and PR. You have to spend a ton of money, time and effort, as well as seeing your social life suffer. Everyone seems to be after your money, basically. On the other hand, you get as much freedom as you can pay for. No one can tell you to do things that you don’t like, and you have full control of the product.

How do you all feel to finally get the debut album released and out there to the fans?

August: Utter relief.
Peter: Fucking awesome.
Sebastian: The work has just begun.
Johannes: Mixed feelings. On one hand it feels so damn good. On the other, it feels weird that you’ve had this dream for so long and finally it’s there in your hands. A very special feeling.
Roy: It’s a great relief, and an awesome feeling having produced something that you can feel really proud of.

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What was the thinking behind the title of the album “Haunted Souls”? And the artwork?

Roy: We all have those inner demons that we have to fight with constantly, and this is somehow represented throughout the album.
August: We wanted something different from today’s albums and are very happy that Håkan Dahlén (an internationally known artist) offered to make a real art piece for us. One that represents some kind of darkness but is still open to interpretations. What you feel is what you see.

People often put bands into genres but often miss what the band is aiming for. So how would you describe what “Descending Chaos” represents and the sound it produces?

Very good question. Perhaps the most important one. We’re not politically active as a band, but we have a very critical view of the world. We aim to produce music that we enjoy listening to and to play. We think that the fact that most of us are music composers contributes to a wider spectrum of sound. We try more than other bands to make each song unique. We think that it’s more important for other people to put us into a specific genre, than it is for us. It’s important to us that we ourselves don’t feel locked into a genre, even though the music we produce probably could easily be labeled.

If you had to name your favourite song off the album what would it be?

Peter: Breathe. Because it has a very personal meaning to me.
Roy: No Resistance, because it describes joy which is uncommon in this kind of music.
August: The One Within. Because it’s somehow where it all started.
Sebastian: Soulless. Because for me it was where it started.
Johannes: The Sum (Dead Hand), because it somehow represents the way I wrote music for this album.

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What’s the best way to create a song? Does the band collectively write the lyrics and then produce the music? How does it work?

There’s no perfect way. Every song has it’s own way. Sometimes we write together, sometimes one of us writes a whole song on his own. Mostly Roy writes the lyrics after the music is somewhat “finished”.

Is there anyone/band/bands in particular that inspire you?

Peter: Scorpions, WASP, Metallica, Dia Psalma (Swedish melodic punk).
Roy: Everything from Rap to pop to grind-core.
August: Entombed, Black Sabbath.
Sebastian: Everything from classical music, to Deep Purple, to Metallica, to Dark Tranquillity.
Johannes: Mostly eighties music and melodic metal.

Who would you most like to tour with?

Peter: In Flames.
Roy: Katy Perry.
August: Bombus.
Sebastian: Mötley Crüe in the height of their days.
Johannes: Don’t really know who should be our opening act 😉




I really hope that Descending Chaos manage to get themselves a European Tour in the near future because I feel that the people of Europe should be listening to this band and their music. For the past two years they have been playing at venues in Sweden with Gothenburg and Stockholm but have ambitions to go further afield. At the moment the band doesn’t have any music videos for fans to watch but keep an eye or an ear open for when they do. The band are working with a number of ideas in mind for a music video but they’d like to keep those ideas secret for just a little while longer.

To finish off, The Raging Potato has to rate this album. On our Spud Scale we rate this album a MASSIVE 10 spuds out of 10! So go and buy the bloody thing!

Descending Chaos Consists of;

Roy – Lead Vocals
Peter – Bass Guitar, backup vocals
Sebastian – Guitar
August – Guitar
Johannes – Drummer

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