Ill Niño

Till Death, La Familia

(Blood is Thicker than Water).

Ill Niño were a band I discovered many years ago while I was sitting in my parents living room watching Kerrang TV. I think that Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” had just finished and “God Save Us” was the perfect follow up. It was  hard hitting, it was heavy and it had me jumping around the living room like an animal on crack. It wasn’t long before I was going music shopping and buying their debut album “Revolution Revolución” (2001). Since their ground breaking music shook everything in my house I have bought every piece of music they have produced. Each album has brought something different to Ill Niño fans across the world and up until now I have felt that the “Confession” (2003) abum remains one of Ill Niño’s best work to date. I can’t quite put my finger on why, perhaps it’s the lyrics and how they relate to me or the blend of angry screams and clean vocals that helped portray the emotions involved with their songs. “Enigma” (2008) was also a very good but very different album for Ill Niño fans. It was softer, almost melancholic and they used a lot more Spanish in their lyrics to help bring a different feeling to their music…something that we had only seen in glimpses before. We saw “Dead New World” (2010) show a return to Ill Niño’s roots with an even heavier album in Epidemia (2012) Epidemia happens to be my least favourite album but I think I will have to revisit it and try to understand why.

Now we have “Till Death, La Familia” (2014) and it is the most impressive album Ill Niño have ever produced. Even better than my beloved “Confession”. It is the hardest album they have produced yet and for me, the angriest, both lyrically and instrumentally as Ill Niño’s “Till Death, La Familia” literally gets me pumped up and ready for a solid fitness session at the gym. It’s fast paced throughout with smatterings of slow, melodic moments but not in the same way we saw in “Enigma”. For me it is one of the albums of the year and is one I’d recommend to metal heads everywhere, especially if they can replicate the same kind of anger and energy on stage performing the songs from this album. Luckily for me, Ill Niño are going to be in Moscow, Russia in November!

 “Till Death, La Familia” gets 10 spuds out of 10 from the Raging Potato and a massive horns up!!! Support the artists you love and purchase their music and merchandise whenever you can. Better still, go to their concerts!

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