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Mariah Milano is an incredible woman. I was lucky enough to speak with her on a number of occasions and eventually got the opportunity to interview her. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Mariah enjoyed a very happy childhood in what she considers a “normal place to grow up”. While growing up Mariah had ambitions to become a mother later on in life but she wanted to be somebody important too. Mariah had no idea that she would later enter the Adult Entertainment Industry. I don’t think many people would to be honest and from talking with a number of stars from that industry, it’s as if women just fall into it. When talking with film stars and bands they always talk about having role models in their lives and people who had had a major impact on their lives that motivated them to strive for success. Mariah didn’t grow up having role models in her life. She did look up to her aunt, but never really considered her a role model. Mariah went along with whatever happened in her life. One day her friend from middle school took her to a shoot and Mariah impressed everybody instantly. There was no other reason for going into the industry other than the money. Back then, the Adult Entertainment Industry used to make a lot more money than it does now. The change in nature of the internet has since made accessing Adult Entertainment a lot easier and for a lot less money.

When Mariah initially joined the industry she went by the name ‘Mariah’ for the first eight years. Fellow actress Dee gave Mariah her name initially with Mariah then adding ‘Milano’ when she returned to the industry in 2007. Mariah has spent a long time in the Adult Entertainment Industry and believes that her lack of interest in doing drugs and partying all the time has meant she has been able to keep her looks and figure in great shape as she has gotten older. Instead, Mariah prefers to spend time on her boat, relax and soak up the sunshine. Not relishing that particular side of the industry has meant that Mariah’s prolonged career always remained much of a surprise to her. When asked what the key to her success was, she replied with;

“I have never been afraid to say no if I felt uncomfortable with someone or doing something. I have chosen to do things on camera I would do at home. I ran my career on my terms, which kept me happy. “

The highlights of creating the brand name ‘Mariah Milano’ with a very good reputation for honesty and professionalism has brought other job opportunities that may not have arisen had Mariah not chosen the career path that she did. Mariah’s fans speak very highly of her but Mariah also speaks very highly of them too and the friends that she had made down the years. From interacting with Mariah and seeing how she speaks to other people, it is evident to everyone that she is a very humble person who treats her fans with respect. She believes that it is important to continue to interact with her fans even though she has retired.


We all enjoy good times and encounter bad times during our careers and Mariah was no different. Other actresses escorting, HIV outbreaks and other STD’s brought a kind of disillusionment with the industry for Mariah. It is something of a sore point for many involved as these kinds of problems are incredibly dangerous. The main reason Mariah retired was mainly down to achieving her goals. Mariah had done all that she wanted to do with the Adult Entertainment Industry. With rates to shoot dropping dramatically and the risks getting higher you can understand why Mariah felt it was time to go. The Adult Entertainment Industry isn’t too difficult to break into for women. Any mildly attractive woman can be given the opportunity to attend a shoot and go from there. When it comes to making a career out of it, it is a lot tougher than people imagine;

“To make a career out of it is a different story. That takes a lot. Female porn star’s face the challenges of disease. Of keeping their pussy clean (MANY girls do NOT do this!) so that they don’t get a bad reputation. They face the stigmatism that they are all whores. Most are but some aren’t.”

Ruling out a return to the industry means that Mariah is now focusing 100% on her cooking show. I have watched a couple of her shows and the food looks absolutely amazing. Not being one for lazing around and doing nothing, Mariah has a number of projects that are currently being discussed behind the scenes. Confidentiality has prevented her from telling me what those projects are but that means there is even more reason for you to continue to watch Mariah’s cooking channel and keep an eye on her Twitter for updates! Having no plan for when she retired from the Adult Entertainment Industry, Mariah is pleased that the opportunities afforded to her have worked out really well. In Mariah’s spare time she likes to go out into the water on her boat, throw dinner parties and cook for her friends. Having a home theatre means that everyone can sit and watch big games in sport and other TV shows while Mariah cooks. I think I have to get myself an invitation because Mariah sounds like she can throw the dinner party of a lifetime, especially when the NFL play-offs are on the TV!

“I also enjoy getting to know people and I need them to understand that I am a real person, not just some sex robot.”


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