A Rae of Sunshine to Light up Manchester

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Rae is a model from Manchester who I discovered via the wonderful social media tool that is Twitter. I had a look on her website and saw a few of her jokes on Twitter and immediately wanted to interview her. I really can’t compliment her enough for doing the interview despite the fact she is a very very busy woman. We kept in contact regularly during the interview period and here we are! I hope you enjoy reading about the interview as much as I enjoyed it!

Before becoming a model, was there any other professions that you were interested in?

I was going into teaching Art at secondary school… I was signed to my agency in the 6 weeks holiday leading up to starting work in a school.

What made you choose to become a model? Any role models or people who inspired you?

I’ve always admired other models, or anyone beautiful within the public eye for that matter.. When an opportunity like this arises, it’s only once in a lifetime, I jumped at the chance!

What steps did you take to kick start your career as a model?

I didn’t take any, I was asked to model by a photographer & thought nothing of it till my agency contacted me to sign me up!

Did you experience any setbacks?


When did you break into the industry? Who gave you the opportunity?

January 2014… Girl Management signed me November 2013.

How did you find your first modelling job? Did you take to it all naturally or did you find it challenging at first?

I was excited!!! It all came pretty natural, you’re in great company & I’ve always been comfortable with who I am.

What type of modelling do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all modelling, it’s who I am now, wouldn’t change a thing.

Is there any type of modelling that you wouldn’t do?

Adult is a no no for me.

Do you have a favourite outfit that you have worn during a photo shoot?

I’ve done so much I can’t possibly think of one! All lingerie is amazing!

Has there been any outfits that you have not enjoyed wearing during photo shoots?

I suppose often there are outfits not to our taste, however you are there to model, not give your opinion… When booked for a job & you’ve agreed to do it, it’s unprofessional to bitch & moan to a client!

What are the positives and negatives to being a model?

Often you can see positives & negatives in both parts… For example social media… It is great for getting our work noticed but people can be very harsh.

Do you have any side projects that you like to work on to coincide with your modelling career?

I suppose my website is my project, I’m constantly updating & checking up on it.

How would you describe your career so far?

Amazing, I’ve had a great time so far!

What would you like to achieve in the modelling industry?

Playmate is the ultimate!!!

Is there anything you’d have liked to have done differently?

No I’m happy with how it is so far!!!… Maybe if I’d got into it a little earlier!

Do you have anything exciting and challenging coming up before Christmas or in the New Year?

My calendar is coming out which is always exciting!!!

Any advice for young women who want to make it in the model industry?

Be yourself & don’t be scared to keep on pushing.

 How would you describe your personality?

Sarcastic, witty, passionate.

What do you like most about yourself?

Physically – My eyes.

What do you like least about yourself?

I can be too trusting of the opposite sex haha!!!

How many tattoos do you have? What are they?

4 soon to be 3 … I have a peace sign on the inside of my foot, an ‘A’ on my wrist & writing on my ribs… the feather on my hip is being removed.

Do you have any piercings? Where?

Ears, navel & nipple… I love piercings I want more!

What part of your body do you get complimented the most on?

Boobs haha!!! Standard… People are baffled by how round & fake looking they are for natural ones!.. they defy gravity, they don’t even move when I lie down!!!

How do you relax? Do you have a favourite routine for this?

Cup of tea & either a read or girly film or random box set.

Do you have any hobbies?

I don’t really have the time for a hobby… Unless you count partying?

Any strange habits?

I tend to pull strange faces without realising, it freaks out my mate!

What are your turn ons? Turn off’s?

I love someone funny & confident… But they can’t be cock-sure, too much arrogance is so unattractive.

How do you see your ideal date?

My ideal date is around the 5th one in… a night in front of the TV with pizza & beer!

Favourite food?

Just FOOD… Ask anyone I eat a lot for a tiny person!!!

Favourite music to listen to? To dance to?

I’ll listen to anything… My Iphone has extreme variation… If I had to pick something though its the entire 90’s collection!!!

Coming from Manchester, are you a Blue or a Red? Neither? (Can’t resist this question :P)

BLUE even though all my answers are in red.. I feel I should change this now..


That has to be one of the most enjoyable interviews EVER! Rae is down to earth, funny and I have to agree with her about her boobs. They are amazing! It is just a shame that she is from the blue side of Manchester, but I am sure the red side can forgive Rae for that given her beauty, intelligence and sense of humour. Lads, keep an eye out for that 5th date if you get that far because that has to be the best date I have EVER heard a woman say she’d be happy with! A big thank you to Rae for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk to me and a big thank you to Girl Management who were fantastic throughout.

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