Shawn Cooley

On the Rise

I first discovered Shawn Cooley when we connected through Facebook. At first I was unsure about his music, but I am unsure about most musical talents when they first appear on my timeline on Facebook or on Twitter promoting their material. This is why I love SoundCloud. I spent some time listening to his music and the more I listened, the more I liked his music and began to appreciate the skill he has. So far “Remember Me”, “Dreams” and “Runaway” are my favourite songs and with Shawn’s debut album being released on the 12th October I am sure there will be more songs to add to my “favourites” list. What is even more impressive, is that the debut album is going to be free. So if anyone out there is looking for new artists and new music to listen to, I’d highly recommend Shawn Cooley or “Scooley” as you will see mentioned and written around the internet. His songs are very well crafted together with impressive rhyme schemes and flows that help reflect his style that helps to make him unique. After talking with Shawn about helping promote his music, I thought it would be great to get a bit more information about him out there for the world to see. After all, we all like artists we can relate too. Enjoy reading the interview and make sure you show your support to Shawn by clicking on the link to his Facebook page at the bottom of the article. Make sure you check out his SoundCloud too.

So who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Shawn Cooley, and I am from a small town called Dunlap, Tennessee.

What has it been like to grow up there? 

It’s a very small town out in the Sequatchie Valley. It’s a great place to raise a family. The people are very nice there however it is a very difficult place to start a hip hop career.

Who was the biggest influence on you growing up?

I have two amazing parents who have influenced me greatly. They both have beat some overwhelming health difficulties to ensure that I have all the opportunities to live a successful life.

Why choose to rap? Was there anything else that you were good at while you were growing up?

Growing up I played sports. I was an “All-District” Football and Baseball player in high school and was given a scholarship to play baseball at Bryan College. I started making music when I was a senior in high school, but just got serious about it within the last two years or so. It has become a passion of mine. It’s a love, I sacrifice hours of time away from my family and friends to improve my craft.

Do you cover everything when it comes to your music? From writing the lyrics to producing the beats?

I do everything beside produce beats. I write lyrics and mix and master my vocals. I am starting to learn how to make beats though.


How do you write your lyrics? Is it spontaneous or planned? What do you write about?

My first step is to find a beat that I really like. Then I honestly just write what the beat tells me to. I usually start with the chorus and then build around that. There are special occasions when I want to write about a certain topic, but those are special cases.

You have released a number of songs on SoundCloud, which song in particular is your favourite and why?

I really don’t have a favourite. The majority of the songs on my SoundCloud are relatively old.

You have your “Enigma” project being released on October 12th, how excited are you to release this to the public and your fans? Is it a debut album?

I am EXTREMELY excited to release this project. It is a debut album. It will be available as a FREE download on

Has there been any difficulties you’ve experienced while developing the project?

Just money issues. I had more plans for the promotion aspect of it but I simply can’t afford to do those things right now.

Do you feel that it’s the best work you’ve produced so far?

Absolutely. My goal for each project is to improve from the last one, and I feel like I have done that.


Will any of your songs from SoundCloud be included in the Enigma project?

Yes, I have a song on SoundCloud called “Runaway” that features a childhood friend of mine, Harrison Murphy, that will be on the album. There is also a music video on YouTube called “Let ‘Em” that features a fellow emcee named Illuminate that will be on the album.

Has there been a rap artist who has influenced you more than others?

Not really. I am influenced by guys like Eminem, J.Cole, Wale, Logic and many many other lyricists.

If you had to choose one rap artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

That’s tough. It would be an honor to collaborate with any artist in the industry but I would have to say J.Cole. I feel like we have similar tastes but would be collaborating from different perspectives so it would have a unique sound.

What does music and doing what you do mean to you? What are your ambitions with it?

It’s a passion of mine. I love it. I want to be the best, but even more than that I want to be a positive influence to someone who may need it. I want to show the world that we can all relate. Success isn’t measured in money, it’s measured in happiness.

For young, aspiring artists out there, what advice would you give to them?

Follow your heart. Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster ride because its all ups and downs. Always be honest. Work hard and great things will follow.


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