Tyrese Gibson

Dumb Shit, Smart Shit, Straight Shit and Furious 7


The entertainment industry is a tough industry to crack for many talented people across the world. Breaking into it is no easy feat. Once you’re there though, you’ve got to fight and work hard to stay there. You could be the next big thing on the Monday and yesterdays news on the Tuesday. Many try to diversify in order to prolong their entertainment career but not many have the talent to branch out from music to acting or vice versa. Tyrese Gibson makes the transition seem effortless. It wasn’t that long ago that we saw a fresh faced, happy Tyrese burst onto our television sets humming and singing for a Coca-Cola commercial. In fact, that was just over 20 years ago. A lot has changed since then but Tyrese’s enthusiasm and excitement for what he does still gives him that same happy expression that we first saw in 1994.

After the Coca-Cola commercial Tyrese began a very successful modelling career. However, modelling wasn’t were Tyrese’s future lay. It wasn’t long before he was looking to make moves in the music industry, something that he had wanted to do ever since he was a teenager. A number of solo albums and a TGT project later and Tyrese created his own record label called Voltron Recordz. Since then he has been working on his final solo project called “Black Rose” which is due to be released on the 7th July 2015. “Black Rose” isn’t like any other album Tyrese has produced before because he has created a kind of “universe” and that universe through the medium of music tells us a story.

“It’s a double album, one whole side is R&B and the other side is me rapping – Black Ty and it’s going to be a total of about twenty songs, ten on each album including some interludes, and everything I am doing is a story. So I be doing dumb shit and I am ashamed of it, but I’ll be waiting on you because your love is unbelievable. So, those are the singles that I have in mind back to back and those are the titles.”


Tyrese had one of his visions or e-mails as he likes to call them and decided that he wanted to record the album in Arizona. He was still filming for Fast and the Furious 6 at the time when he got the idea. So a beautiful place in Arizona was rented out for 34 days. In those 34 days 146 original songs were produced in a house that held 19 people. It was an intense time for all who were involved as there is naturally going to be a lot of egos and a lot of creativity in a high pressured environment for 34 days.

The first single from “Black Rose” will be “Dumb Shit” which features legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg. It’s an honest song that recognises the kind of mistakes that both men and women make when they are in relationships. It doesn’t necessarily mean that mistakes involve cheating but it involves all of the things that people do that don’t help the situation. This leads into the second single called “Shame” that will not have a music video but more of a musical film. Directed by the talented Paul Hunter, “Shame” is set in 1968 with Tyrese’s character being a struggling artist who is abusive and addicted to drugs who is married to Jennifer Hudson’s character. In addition to the “Shame” musical film “Black Rose” will also have an audio book which will be the first audio book that Tyrese has released and that will be accompanied with a documentary about the making of “Black Rose”.

“We laughed, we had the time of our life. It was a lot of pressure because we had a lot of egos in one house on a creative level and we did 146 records in 34 days. This album my most honest album, it’s my most uncomfortable album and it’s my truth and even if it embarrasses me I’m telling my truth.”

(From the album “Black Rose”.)

Tyrese Gibson is probably not as well known for his musical talents as he should be but he isn’t particularly well known for his ability to write books either. In 2012 Tyrese released “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” which was followed by “Manology” in 2013. Both books are New York Times best sellers. Facebook is another platform that many people didn’t realise was also Tyrese’s “thing”. Since he took over his own Facebook page within the last year his following has grown to just under 23 million likes while his page views sits around 1.2 billion views a month. It has helped him to connect with his fans but also pass on advice and inspiration too and he sees that as a blessing.

“In my mind I have 1.2 billion souls and spirits and hearts that I can reach with a motivational and inspirational message. So in my mind I feel very blessed that this is the stage that God has blessed me with and I am able to use to motivate and inspire a lot of people.”

Lets place the Facebook inspiration, the books and the music to one side. Acting is something that Tyrese has excelled in ever since he was cast in “Baby Boy” in 2001. Some would say it was the catalyst that saw Tyrese Gibson star in 2 Fast 2 Furious and other movies within the franchise as well as Legion, Four Brothers, Death Race and the Transformers franchise. The most recent movie “Furious 7” is to be released on the 3rd April 2015. It has been the most difficult movie that the Fast and Furious family have had to face after the tragic death of Paul Walker in a car crash in 2013. Filming for “Furious 7” was still ongoing at the time with 85% of the film already completed. With the help of Walker’s brothers and shots from unused scenes, they were able to finish the movie. Every “Fast and Furious” movie ends with a cliff hanger or a scene that allows them to link the next instalment of the franchise. “Furious 7” is different in that regard as everybody was keen to pay tribute to Paul Walker who has been an integral part of the franchise and it’s success.

“We are completely focused and respectful of this being Paul’s last movie and if you will notice at the end of ‘Furious 7,’ normally the last four and five of them, they’re cliffhangers. On this one we end it with just a tribute that is beyond well-deserved and well done on behalf of our angel and brother Paul Walker.”

(Trailer for “Furious 7”.)



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